March 28, 2023


March 28, 2023

The Touchstone Prayer Team mourns with those affected by the tragic events of Monday, March 27, 2023 at Covenant School. Please pray for the following.
  • The remarkably quick police response that many lives
  • Woodmont Baptist for providing a supportive refuge for evacuated children until they could be picked up by their parents
  • Generous funding responses from the community to help families pay for medical and funeral expenses
  • An outpouring of love, prayer, and solidarity from the surrounding community



The Grieving Friends and Families of

  • Evelyn Diekhaus – age 9
  • Hallie Scruggs – age 9
  • William Kinney – age 9
  • Dr Katherine Koonce 
  • Cindy Peak
  • Mike Hill
  • Audrey Hale


The Many Others Who Were Traumatized       

  • Students, families, teachers, and staff of Covenant School
  • Those in schools nearby 
  • Police who had to engage and stop the killer
  • Other first responders exposed to the tragedy


Touchstone Staff & Volunteers 

  • As we help students talk through this tragedy
  • As we grieve the individuals we know who were lost



The American Gun Violence Epidemic

  • That policy makers would find effective ways to protect our children from gun violence
  • Funding and improvement of mental health systems 
  • A commitment to disarm wrongdoers before people are harmed
  • A change of heart in what has become a murderous nation

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