June 24, 2020


JUNE 24, 2020


  • Jim’s knee is gradually getting better.
  • Several friends have enjoyed significant improvement against COVID-19.
  • We had a great time at Summer CiViL last week!
  • We continue to receive donated items for our Big Blessing Benefit Sale in July.
  • Website improvement is going well.
  • Touchstone received welcome support from Cross Timbers Freewill Baptist Church this week!



  • Protection, hope, wisdom, and positive change for our students in these difficult times.
  • Success for our Shoe Drive June 8th – Aug 7 (New & gently used shoes as both fundraising and service project)
  • Your Best Shot – a favorable response from photographers and students
  • Guidance as we update our website this summer
  • Touchstone needs new board members.
  • CiViL needs more qualified, trained male volunteers
  • Favor for Mel re: Rutgers SEL certification program
  • Guidance as we mentoring several young people who are eager to make a difference.


  • Several friends with COVID-19, one still in critical condition
  • For Melony’s recurring back pain
  • For Jim’s leg injury
  • For a friend’s brother who is undergoing cancer treatment
  • For a friend with uterine cancer who will be having surgery in July
  • For Youth For Christ Teen Moms, especially a young woman and her child who are both COVID-19 positive
  • For a friend at the passing of her sister last week.
  • For a friend with family struggles


  • Justice and change for those oppressed in America
  • Repentance by oppressors and complicit bystanders
  • Positive compassionate, uniting leadership toward justice, peace, and safety for all in America.


  • Protection from a reopening and protest surge of COVID -19
  • A Nashville record high in hospitalizations for COVID-19
  • The revival that can come from our cries to God for help, hope, mercy, and repentance.
  • Protection for friends with compromised health.
  • All of those whose livelihoods are threatened by the COVID-19 economy.
  • The safety of our heroic health care workers.


  • For the leadership of a partner organization as they make decisions pertaining to reopening.
  • For friends who are struggling with a financial challenge
  • For a friend who is attempting to put their financial house in order
  • A friend who is in a difficult business situation.