July 21, 2021


July 21, 2021


  • We had a very good meeting at CiViL Rocketown last Thursday.
  • CiViL Students will be taking a leadership role at CiViL Rocketown this week.
  • Melony and several CiViL alumni will take part in a video shoot Friday and Monday for an internet show featuring Scott Hamilton.
  • We will be receiving a big donation of office equipment from a local law firm for the Big Blessig Benefit Sale on Saturday, July 31
  • Jim has started running again with no negative side effects. 
  • A friend is making good contacts and getting to work in some exciting situations.



Touchstone Events, Programs & Services 

  • God’s blessing on the Friday and Monday video shoots.
  • The Big Blessing Benefit Sale is on July 31. We need donated items, as well as volunteers to help receive and arrange items beforehand and to sell them at the sale.
  • Guidance and favor regarding several new grants
  • Guidance for Touchstone Tribute planning team
  • Plans for CiViL school programs in the Fall including staffing, training, and new volunteers
  • A new Touchstone board member for late summer or fall
  • CiViL students who engage in unhealthy relationship patterns
  • Remaining funding needed for water bottles, T-shirts, and other CiViL swag
  • Guidance for Touchstone counseling clients
  • That God would continue to bring the students he wants to participate in  Summer CiViL at Rocketown


Comfort and Healing

  • A friend recently diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • A friend beginning radiation treatment soon
  • A friend just diagnosed with lung cancer
  • Family of a friend who is receiving hospice care
  • For people damaged by trauma
  • Friends and clients working on alcohol recovery



  • Guidance for friends planning a building project.
  • A change of heart for young people bullying a special needs adult.
  • Guidance for a friend with a new vision for ministry
  • A friend has grand jury duty, and it is important, but intense.
  • Those with domestic violence and mental health challenges
  • A friend who is working his way out of homelessness.


Partner Organizations

  • Bellevue Presbyterian Church
  • The Village Chapel
  • Rocketown
  • Enterprise Rent-a-Car
  • Overton High
  • Oliver Middle
  • Hillsboro High
  • Hillwood High
  • Nashville School of the Arts
  • Youth For Christ 


Racial Justice

  • A reduction in police shootings and justice in those cases
  • Threats to voting rights
  • Racial accountability at private schools
  • Justice for people of color
  • Repentance by oppressors and complicit bystanders
  • Positive leadership
  • Progress in anti-racism movement
  • Social media conflict over race and other justice issues.



  • State suppression of all vaccine education for teens
  • Vaccines and wise leadership in countries with high COVID rates
  • Protection from the Delta and Lambda variants, especially for those w compromised immune systems
  • Help and hope for teens who lost so much during the pandemic
  • The revival that comes from our cries to God for help, hope, mercy, and repentance.
  • Protection for all with compromised health and those unable to receive a vaccine
  • A swift comeback from the COVID-19 economy.
  • The continued safety of our heroic health care worker