February 22, 2023


February 22, 2023


  • A friend’s newborn twins are well.

  • Monday’s Show Our Love organization service project went well.

  • Show Our Love student video done today

  • Overton Grad wants to serve with us.

  • A friend’s birthday fundraiser has met its goal.

  • A friend’s building plan is progressing.




Touchstone Events, Programs & Services       

  • A student experiencing mental health issues
  • Softening of a CiViL student’s heart
  • Challenges in our work at several CiViL locations
  • The Show Our Love CiViL Service campaign
  • A partner church for each CiViL location
  • Touchstone needs additional staff and volunteers
  • Touchstone URGENTLY needs new office space.
  • Touchstone counseling clients
  • Protection for Touchstone volunteers and staff


Comfort and Healing      

  • A friend with post natal high blood pressure.
  • A friend’s chemotherapy was postponed due to an infection.
  • A friend’s family has COVID. 
  • A friend is in chemotherapy for cancer.
  • A friend started radiation treatment this week.
  • Friends caring for aging parents
  • Friends recovering from throat cancer surgery, a broken wrist, past trauma, 
  • Friends fighting COVID, breast cancer, eye cancer, family or personal addiction, sickle cell anemia



  • A friend’s protracted struggle to fix a plumbing leak
  • Several friends in need of better work situations.
  • That those we love would come to follow Jesus
  • Favor and provision for a friend regarding a building plan.
  • That students in Juvenile detention will respond positively to those who visit them to bring help, hope, and the Gospel. 


Partner Organizations


  • Bellevue Presbyterian Church
  • The Village Chapel
  • Mount Bethel Missionary Baptist Church


  • Mission Discovery
  • Rocketown
  • Youth for Christ 

Higher Education – Interns:

  • Belmont University
  • Lipscomb University


  • Enterprise Rent-a-Car & Foundation
  • HCA Healthcare Foundation

Metro Nashville Public Schools:

  • Hillsboro High
  • Hillwood High
  • Nashville School of the Arts
  • Overton High
  • Oliver Middle

Ministry Consultants:

  • Mission Development International
  • Mission Increase Foundation


Current Issues

  • Protection from COVID-19, Flu, RSV, Polio, gun violence, politicization of the church, persecution, military attack, domestic violence, the predicted recession, and for first responders
  • Justice for those who harbor sexual abusers, all involved in the January 6 insurrection, all races, ethnicities, etc.
  • Our enemies and persecutors
  • Those with mental health challenges