December 2, 2020


DECEMBER 2, 2020


  • We had an excellent Thanksgiving CiViL Service Project providing turkey dinners to the needy in partnership with  Rocketown.
  • We are grateful for wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations.
  • Jim got lots of recording done for a family-centered project over Thanksgiving week. 
  • Melony aced the final assessment for the first half of her Social, Emotional, and Character Development Certification through Rutgars University.
  • Melony’s dad is adjusting well to his new life in a nursing home.
  • The CiViL Alumni Association is getting organized.
  • We thank God for our board members and volunteers!


  • Our students who have 2 weeks left in the semester. 
  • Healing and growth for Touchstone’s counseling clients
  • Touchstone Tribute Plans watch parties
  • Provision for 2020 4th Qtr finances: Touchstone still needs to raise about $60,000 during 4th Quarter to make our 2020 budget.
  • Touchstone needs several new board members.

Comfort and Healing

  • For the  family of Dan Hester, a student we worked with in the 1980’s. Dan and his parents have died of COVID-19.
  • For Tom, Cindy, and Carol who are fighting COVID-19
  • Protection for a friends mom. COVID infection rate is very high in her living facility.
  • A friend with colon cancer is enduring very expensive and difficult treatment and by himself.
  • Several friends are having family troubles.
  • Melony’s 86 year old father as he recovers from  a fractured pelvis, spine, and ribs.
  • The 11 yr old child of a CiViL alum, recovering from sexual abuse by a family friend
  • Successful therapy and quality of life for a friend with brain cancer 
  • Our aging parents and friends
  • A friend working on alcohol recovery
  • A friend who has had a year of losses


  • Unspoken request from a friend for her husband. 
  • That God will provide for a friend’s homeless son, living in a tent on the West Coast, along with comfort for his family.
  • A friend has a potentially contentious Home Owners’ Association meeting next week.
  • That a friend’s house would sell
  • That several friends of friends come to the Lord
  • Several friends who need to find work
  • The emotional burden of crisis, isolation – especially during the holidays
  • A peaceful and just post-election transition of power

Partner Organizations

  • Bellevue Presbyterian Church
  • The Village Chapel
  • Rocketown
  • Overton High
  • Oliver Middle
  • Hillsboro High
  • Hillwood High
  • Youth For Christ staff has regional training this week.

Racial Justice

  • Justice for people of color
  • Repentance by oppressors and complicit bystanders
  • Positive leadership
  • Progress in anti-racism movement


  • The revival that comes from our cries to God for help, hope, mercy, and repentance.
  • Protection for friends with compromised health.
  • All of those whose livelihoods are threatened by the COVID-19 economy.
  • The safety of our heroic health care workers.