November 13, 2021

TOUCHSTONE PRAYER LIST November 13, 2021   PRAISES   Jim got to spend a few hours with our son Alex before Melony & Alex flew to NYC to visit our daughter Mae. Jim is meeting with two former CiViL students today. Last week’s CiViL Rocketown intense, but good, and this week’s meeting will be co-led by… Continue reading November 13, 2021

November 6, 2021

TOUCHSTONE PRAYER LIST November 6, 2021 PRAISES   Fall break is coming! A friend has recovered from COVID. A friend has only one more day of jury duty. Senior girls have formed and promoted their own CiViL Group outside of school. A student had such good experience in a Touchstone-led Extended School meeting that she is… Continue reading November 6, 2021

September 29 2021

TOUCHSTONE PRAYER LIST September 29, 2021 PRAISES    A friend will be released from Quarantine tomorrow. School CiViL Groups are slowly taking shape. Senior girls at one school want CiViL so much that they are meeting outside of school in order to schedule it. We had a great meeting on the topic of purpose at… Continue reading September 29 2021

September 22 2021

TOUCHSTONE PRAYER LIST September 22, 2021 PRAISES  2021 Touchstone Tribute plans are progressing A friend is anticipating an improved job situation A friend’s heart passed several tests. A friend’s sinus surgery went fine. A friend with health problems is feeling better. The trailer is out for “Scott Hamilton’s Good People”, and CiViL students are in… Continue reading September 22 2021

September 15 2021

TOUCHSTONE PRAYER LIST September 15, 2021 PRAISES  Touchstone Teams are back in schools! CiViL Service Flood Relief Project in Waverly went great! A friend is finished with radiation treatment! Scott Hamilton’s “Good People” show will soon premier on K-LOVE On Demand streaming service. Touchstone’s “Show Our Love” CiViL Service project will be featured in episode… Continue reading September 15 2021

September 8, 2021

TOUCHSTONE PRAYER LIST September 8, 2021 PRAISES  We have another good board candidate.  CiViL school programs start tomorrow.  A friend’s trip to visit family went very well. Friends who contracted COVID-19 have recovered. PETITIONS   Touchstone Events, Programs & Services    Our upcoming CiViL Service Project in Waverly, TN on Sep 11  Guidance and favor for… Continue reading September 8, 2021

September 1, 2021

TOUCHSTONE PRAYER LIST September 1, 2021 PRAISES  We are proud to welcome the new Touchstone Board Member for whom we have been praying! A friend is halfway through her daily radiation treatments and has still had no side effects.  We are excited to start CiViL in schools again the day after Labor Day. We are… Continue reading September 1, 2021

August 25, 2021

TOUCHSTONE PRAYER LIST August 25, 2021 PRAISES  A friend has had no side effects to her daily radiation treatments. We had a good meeting with one of our ministry partners on Tuesday. The 2021 Tribute Committee is making progress on plans for the Tribute in October A friend’s dog did great after getting spayed. Touchstone… Continue reading August 25, 2021

August 18, 2021

TOUCHSTONE PRAYER LIST August 18, 2021 PRAISES  The Touchstone Board Meeting last Saturday went well. Melony led a really good CiViL Coach Training for Rocketown staff on Monday. A friend is doing well during radiation treatment Another friend starts radiation treatment today. A friend had a new baby girl. PETITIONS   Touchstone Events, Programs &… Continue reading August 18, 2021

August 11, 2021

TOUCHSTONE PRAYER LIST August 11, 2021 PRAISES  Jim had a good weekend in Knoxville helping family and celebrating his parents’ 70th Wedding Anniversary. Melony had a good meeting with the Hays Foundation representative. We found the new prospective board member we’ve been praying for! The first grandchild of former board members Greg & Cheryl Seneff… Continue reading August 11, 2021