CiViL Trio

CiViL is a social-emotional education initiative that combines CiViL Groups, CiViL Service and CiViL Liberties to provide Character, Values and Leadership for high school students. CiViL Groups uses a non-religious approach to building excellent character.


With a few friends and a capable, caring adult facilitator, it is possible for a student to talk about the behaviors, choices and feelings that influence their decision-making. The compassion of the adult mentor is amplified when other members of the group understand and offer support. Knotty problems loosen. Tough decisions become easier. Isolation turns to teamwork. And instead of being a negative influence, peers become a positive force for encouragement, support and accountability.


In CiViL Service, students participate in service-learning opportunties on the local and national level. They learn to give of themselves and find that, as they make a difference in the lives of others, they are changed, too.


Students who explore the world are challenged and grow to understand new experiences, ideas, and ways of doing things. CiViL Liberties attempts to expand the world for students. From Shakespeare to camping, students are provided with a chance to think about the world beyond their own front door and how they might become effective citizens of the world.

CiViL Bus


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