CiViL Service Waverly Flood Relief

Redeem The Day! – September 11, 2021

Waverly, TN Flood Relief

CiViL students and adults will help clean up after the flood disaster in Waverly, TN.  Students under 18 must submit a  Liability & Permission Form, signed by their parent or legal guardian. Adults must sign their own.  Contact us for more information

Thanks for All The Stuff! 

You gave, you volunteered, you came to buy, and you helped us clean up! Thank you for a successful Big Blessing Benefit Sale! Our donors, volunteers, and customers are the best! See you next year!

CiViL Students play
CiViL Service at Sudekum Village
CiViL at Sudekum Villiage

CiViL Service At Sudekum Villiage Appartments


Several CiViL Students Served Saturday at Sudekum. Say that five time fast! It was a hot day, but we put on a community day with Rocketown’s Saturday Night Lights.  Burgers, basketball, music, and art made for a great time for a great day at the Sudekum Village Apartments in South Nashville. 

2021 Summer CiViL Begins!

CiViL students and coaches met on June 3 at Rocketown to brainstorm eight weeks of CiViL Groups, CiViL Service projects, and CiViL Liberties events. Family Dinner is at 5pm, and CiViL Groups begin at 6pm. It’s going to be a great summer!

Thank you!

For taking part in the

Panera Fundraiser 

for Touchstone


Tuesday, May 18

We enjoyed seeing you as you joined us for dinner or picked up your orders!

For giving your lunch money

to help students! 

Because of you . . .


  • Touchstone won a $1,500 prize for the most donors during the lunch time slot!
  • We came in 7th for the most unique donors in our organization size.
  • Touchstone will have thousands more dollars to provide social, emotional, and spiritual resources for students!

Their “Best Shot” 

                   Is Also YOURS.

A few years ago at a conference on improving high school graduate rates, former Juvenile Court Judge Betty Adams Green made a compelling point – a financial one. Without a high school diploma, a person will more likely:

  • Earn far less than a high school graduate.
  • Depend on government assistance during their life.
  • Have a 4% higher unemployment rate than the national average.

A study from Northeastern University found that each high school dropout costs taxpayers almost $300,000 through the course of their lives. These costs come in the form of state and federally-funded assistance programs for needy families.

Let’s Change The Equation. Instead of having to substract what it costs when someone drops out, look at what earning a high school diploma ADDS to a young person’s life. A high school graduate will more likely:

  • Have a higher earning potential in their career
  • Contribute positively to their their family and community
  • Have an increased hope in all aspects of their life

Many of the students who are involved with our programs and services have reported that without this support, they wouldn’t have graduated. Some have even said that they are not even sure if they would be alive.

With your involvement, Touchstone provides services that offer life-giving hope for a better TODAY, as well as for a better future!

Your donations provide YOUR BEST SHOT and all our other hope-restoring programs to hundreds of people every year.


Here’s to the Class of ’21… and beyond!

CiViL Service Remembers

On March 3, 2020 a tornado ripped through Tennessee, devastating homes and businesses. CiViL Service volunteers joined thousands to cut trees, remove tornado debris, cover roofs, and provide needed supplies to tornado survivors. One volunteer wrote,

One year ago. I remember when we went to North Nashville. I will never forget the people I talked to and what we saw.  

If you served with the CiViL Service team and have not yet received a plaque (pictured), please contact us.

CiViL Service/Liberties MLK Day Project

On Monday, January 18, eighteen CiViL students and adults partnered with Nashville Tree Foundation through Hands On Nashville to plant trees on the campus of historic Fisk University.  On this picture-perfect morning, they learned how to plant a tree – which is harder than you think!  After they had planted nine trees, Adrienne Bowling of Mobile Notary spoke to the group about her experience as a CiViL alumnus, a graduate student at Fisk, and a successful businesswoman.  It was a great day! 

Active participants in CiViL Groups are welcome to join us for CiViL Service and CiViL Liberties events.  Watch this page for news about the next CiViL Service project!  You won’t want to miss it!

CiViL Students Provide Thanksgiving Dinner

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, CiViL students handed out hundreds of holiday meals to needy families. Provided by seven different local restaurants in partnership with Rocketown, students worked for five hours packing up and handing out meals. The event was a perfect chance to work side-by-side – at a safe distance – with smiles under our “I Am CiViL” masks.

CiViL Service provides students with opportunities to experience the joy of serving others, a key component of happiness, and an essential part of good character. 

CiViL Service at Room At The Inn

CiViL Service at Room At The Inn

When school is out for a day, what do CiViL students do? They serve others! This girls group made care packs full of personal items like soap and shampoo to be distributed to homeless people by Room At The Inn. It’s always fun working, talking, and eating pizza together. If you haven’t joined a CiViL Service project, you should try it!

2020 Touchstone Tribute – Virtual Edition

In this documentary style celebration of the work of Touchstone you will hear some powerful stories and meet some of our Heros. And the best part is that the 2020 Touchstone Tribute can be viewed anytime you want!  

Watch Parties

Use this video as part of a watch party to introduce your friends and family to the work of Touchstone!  We’ve already heard of some passionate responses to this event, so please don’t miss the chance to share it with others!

* Be Advised – Mild reference to childhood sexual abuse. May affect very sensitive or young viewers. 

Support Touchstone

The purpose of the 2020 Touchstone Tribute is to celebrate the work of Touchstone AND to raise support.

  • Our Goal: Touchstone needs to raise $65,000 before the end of 2020 in order to keep helping students.
  • Matching Funds: The first $10,000 in donations will be matched, so don’t miss this chance to double your efforts to help students!
  • Monthly Giving: Your monthly pledge helps us predict just how many students we can serve. And we want to serve as many as we can!


Saturday, July 18, 8:30am til 3:30pm
(Rain Date – Sat. July 25)
Location: Bellevue Presbyterian Church
                     Hwy 70 at Cross Timbers Dr.

The proceeds from this sale support CiViL and the social and emotional development of teens.  If you have new or gently used items to donate, please contact us


June 8 – August 7

CiViL students are working to collect at least 100 bags of gently-worn and new shoes. 
The shoes will be distributed in developing countries to families who want to work their way out of poverty by starting their own small business.


Not only does our “Put Yourself In Their Shoes” Shoe Drive, help families all over the world, it supports services to local teens! 
For every 100 bags of shoes (25 pairs in each) that CiViL collects, Touchstone, a nonprofit that provides social-emotional development services to teens right here in our own community, will receive $1,000.


1. CHECK your closets for gently-worn and new shoes you no longer need. (No skates of any kind.)
3. COLLECT your shoe donation. Let us know when you’re ready, and we can arrange a convenient drop-off or pick-up. Email [email protected], and we’ll take care of the rest.
2. COMMUNICATE with your family, friends and coworkers to get them involved!


Thursday July 9

5:30p – 7pm

Location: Tusculum Lanes Strike & Spare – 5315 Nolensville Road

Pizza provided. Bring $4 for shoes.

Let us know you’re coming, so we can reserve lanes!



SUMMER CiViL – Pizza and Fun in the Park!

Thursday, June 25

5:30 – 7pm

Location: Coleman Park – Corner of Thompson Land and Nolensville Road

CiViL Students!

Join us for fun and games, food and a chance to see each other face to face (from a safe distance)! 

Bring a friend. Just let us know how many are coming!

SUMMER CiViL – Pizza and Fun in the Park!

Thursday, June 18

5:30 – 7pm

Location: Coleman Park – Corner of Thompson Land and Nolensville Road

CiViL Students!

Join us for fun and games, food and a chance to see each other face to face (from a safe distance)! 

Bring a friend. Just let us know how many are coming!

TYRS MLK Let Freedom Ring


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

12:30 PM  – 1:30 PM

Monday, January 20 – MLK Day – We’ve been to the mountain top!

CiViL Students joined others from our community at Point Park on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN to celebrate Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech and share our own dreams for our lives, our families and for our country. After our time on Lookout Mountain, our CiViL group went for a short tour of UT-Chattanooga. This was one of the smoothest, most enjoyable CiViL Liberties events we have done! If you didn’t go, plan to join us in 2021!

Jim Weber - Events


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

12:30 PM  – 1:30 PM

On Friday, March 20, 2002 Jim did his first ever Facebook Live concert, and it was so much fun! You can watch Jim’s March 20 Concert anytime! Be sure to comment, so we’ll know you were there. This concert and the ones to follow are all to benefit Touchstone.

TYRS Tornado Relief


Tue, Mar 3, 2020, 10:00 AM – Fri, Mar 6, 2020, 5:00 PM

On March 3, the day of the 2020 Nashville Tornado, CiViL alums helped clean up tornado debris in East Nashville. On March 4, they and other CiViL students will be helping in the same neighborhood. This is a great opportunity to make a big difference to somebody! Touchstone will provide work gloves and some tools. Students under eighteen years of age must submit a signed Parent Permission Form before they may take part. Adults take part at their own risk.

TYRS LifeReady


Monday, December 16, 2019

10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

LifeReady is a college and job preparedness event for John Overton High School CiViL students. It will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. this coming Monday, Dec. 16 in “The Garage” space of the JOHS Library. Pizza will be provide!

Current college juniors and seniors will share everything they wished they had known about being ready for life when they graduated from high school. After the opening presentation, college students will work with JOHS students individually to help them with college applications and personal statements, job applications, scholarship applications and MORE!

You can reserve a spot by filling out the form below. Make sure to have your parent sign the Permission Form. There is a limited number of spots available. DON’T MISS OUT!

TYRS Caroling


Sunday, December 8, 2019

4:00 PM 7:00 PM

On Sunday, December 8, a group of CiViL students and adults went caroling door to door in a Nashville neighborhood to raise money for Fanny Battle Day Home for Children. We had so much fun! This has been an annual CiViL Service project for nearly twenty years!